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    Contextual Spell Checking (2007)


    For some reason my contextual spell checking, the blue squiggly lines, seems to be working intermittently . I have checked Word Options and the Use Contextual spelling setting is selected and I have Rechecked the document.

    Anybody else finding this?


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    Re: Contextual Spell Checking (2007)

    The language or proofing status of each occurrence in independent of each other. This means that you can assign different languages to different paragraphs so that one paragraph may use a Spanish dictionary, the next could use English and the next could avoid spell checking altogether. This is typically controlled through styles but can be easily overridden. An example of where your style would not do any spell check is the TOC style since this is just a cross-reference to the original spelling mistake there is no point in correcting it in the TOC.

    When performing a spell check, if you tell Word to ignore a spelling mistake, it will set that text to 'No Proofing' so that the text is ignored on subsequent spell checks.

    In earlier versions of Word - To set the language for the entire document to your preferred language, select all the text and then choose Tools>Language>Set Language (also ensure that No Proofing is turned off). I have not seen Word 2007 but the same behaviour and settings are likely to be available somewhere.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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