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    Hyperlink to Network File (Outlook 2000/2003)

    I'm adding some new computers to our network that run Outlook/Office 2003. All the older computers are running Outlook/Office 2000. My computer being the first, as the guinea pig for troubleshooting.

    Before when using Outlook 2000, when sending an email in Rich Text instead of attaching a file I could attach a Shortcut to a file on a common mapped drive on our network. Everyone is setup to this same mapped drive so there was never a problem. Now with Outlook 2003 that option for inserting a Shortcut is gone and apparently in its place is the ability to insert a Hyperlink in my Rich Text email.

    Using Outlook 2003, when I click on the paperclip to insert a file, browse to the file on a mapped drive and choose to insert as a hyperlink, the resulting hyperlink L:adminnmcr2007c020907.pdf looks good and when I hover over it I get the message to Ctrl+Click to make the link work. Also when I hover over it, it tells me the link goes to file://<server>formsadminnmcr2007c020907.pdf That's all fine. But when I send it to any of my Outlook 2000 folks the hyperlink shows up with <> around it and is unclickable. Ctrl+Click doesn't work for them. If they remove the <> it's still not a clickable link.

    Interestingly enough, if I click on the paperclip to insert a file, browse through My Network Places to the same location on the network, and choose to insert it as a hyperlink, when I hover over the resulting hyperlink <server>formsadminnmcr2007c020907.pdf it reads the same location as the above link file:///<server>formsadminnmcr2007c020907.pdf. When I sent that to an Outlook 2000 user the symbols <> are again added before and after the link but this time the link works.

    Is the latter the only way I can now add a link to an email for a file on the network? It's a lot more steps going through My Network Places. It was a heck of a lot more convenient when all I had to select was insert as a shortcut after browsing to my L drive.

    Is there anything I can do to make this easier?

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    Re: Hyperlink to Network File (Outlook 2000/2003)

    This is caused by the tightened security in recent versions of Outlook. By default, shortcuts are disabled in received e-mails. If you're on Exchange Server, the Exchange admin should be able to change a setting so that shortcuts are enabled again.

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