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    Students Database (2000/All)

    I have a database of primary students (years 1-7) and the grade (1A, 1B....7B,7C) that they are in for that year (separate tables).

    The teachers can record student details (eg reading levels, etc.) and these details are given in a printed format to the next year's teacher as a guide to the student's performance.

    Now some teachers want to compare a student's performance with previous years. My problem is that each year is a separate database and I am not sure how to enable my database so that teachers can record details about individual students for different years as the student moves to the next grade.

    Any suggestions please? Oh, and the database is still in 2000 format if that is critical to design.

    Regards, Leigh

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    Re: Students Database (2000/All)

    You can link to tables in another database, so you could create links in the database for the current year to tables in the database for the previous year. You can then create queries based on data for more than one year.

    Another option, requiring significant restructuring, would be to add a SchoolYear field to all the tables, populate it with the relevant year in each database, then merge the tables for different years into one table.

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