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    Office 2000 Office Assistant

    User wants to change the default office assistant character. She keeps changing it but it defaults to paper clip when she logs off and back on. I logged on as adminstrator but the correct character is already selected for my login. The user has Windows XP

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    Re: Office 2000 Office Assistant

    The source of the problem is that her user account has no rights to make change in Registry.

    Assign Administrator rights to her account temporarily, logon, make changes in the Office settings, logoff and strip Administrator rights.

    Or you can logon to your Administrator account, run Regedit, load her hive (Cocuments and Settings< her username >ntuser.dat),
    navigate to < HER HIVE >SoftwareMicrosoftOfficeCommonAssistant, set string value, unload her hive (do not forget to do it!)
    and logoff from Administrator account.

    -----Later addition--------
    Set the key in < HER HIVE > the same as in HKEY_CURRENT_USER ( SoftwareMicrosoftOfficeCommonAssistant ), if your account loads proper Office Assistant.

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