I'm attempting to use Word 2000 to convert a set of HTML pages into a printable Word document. Along the way I've encountered some elements of Word that are new to me. Unfortunately, they also seem to be largely undocumented (or at least difficult to find in the Help system).

I've created a Word document by opening an HTML file and saving it in Word format, then inserting further HTML files.

Why are some of my numbered lists deciding some items are just normal paragraphs?

It's easy enough to include them in the numbering (select Bullets and Numbering on a correctly formatted paragraph, then hit F4 in the incorrect one), but the other formatting doesn't come along for the ride.

Also, are there any strange vestiges of HTML files that I may have inadvertently imported that I should know about? How might I find them and get rid of them?

Perhaps there's a FAQ somewhere about importing HTML into Word?