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    Access / SQL Server performance (Access2003/SQL 2005)

    I am using an Access Project (Office 2003 but Access 2000 format) to connect to a SQL Server database (2005). I am moving records from one table to another in VBA and before I add each one I look to see if it is already there (the original table has multiples of each record but my target table will have only 1 of each) and if it is I just modify one of the target fields.
    SQL Server does not support SEEK so I am using the FIND to see if the record is already there. But to make the FIND work correctly I have to precede each FIND with a MOVEFIRST. This one action slows the lookup down almost to a stop. Is there a faster alternative (the difference is about 15 minutes to 10 hours - I have 100000 records in the source)?



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    Re: Access / SQL Server performance (Access2003/SQL 2005)

    I'd try to do it all in SQL or in T-SQL, so that it can be run on SQL Server.

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