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    Links to External Documents (2003)

    I have an Intranet that links to documents on our companies network. All are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. The documents are in their native locations, and not located on the web server. The links work fine, however when clicking on they hyperlink, the user get the standard, OPEN/SAVE decision dialog box. Is there a way to add language to the hyperlink address that by-passes this dialog box and automatically opens the document? I would imagine that there may be a "local" PC specific setting, but with over 800 PC's it would unpractical to have to try and establish settings for each PC. I am looking for something on a more "global" scale.

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    Re: Links to External Documents (2003)

    It's a mixture of a user-level setting and a computer-level setting for each file type. It may very well be possible to force these settings using a group policy, but I wouldn't like it if my system admin did that to me!

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    Re: Links to External Documents (2003)

    Well, five years ago you could use VBScript (in IE) in your intranet page to launch documents (or create new documents from a template) in Word. This thread discusses those options, but considering how browser security has increased in the interim, I'm not sure whether it would work today: Generate a new doc from a dot on the web (Word 97/SR2).

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