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    Reference Outlook Custom Form field in Excel Fn (Outlook 97/Excel 97)

    This may be a lil tricky... I'll try to be as clear as I can.

    I have created a custom MS Outlook 97 form that has several fields which require data. The form has a tab on it so it's really like 2 pages. The 1st page I'm using as a header where all the common data is entered. On the 2nd tab I have inserted an Excel 97 spreadsheet. I would like to write functions in my excel spreadsheets that will take data entered into the header fields on the 1st tab of my custom form and write them to specified cells in the worksheet found on the 2nd tab of the same form.

    I would have no problem writing these functions if it was all in Excel or Access. I just don't know how to reference the Outlook custom fields within the Excel functions. (Since it's not as simple as refering to Book1!A1)

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm all ears.

    P.S. I suspect it can be done since I've seen a program 'OAXFer' which populates Access databases with data contained in Outlook custom forms.

    Perhaps I'm naive in hoping it's as simple as knowing how to refernce the Outlook custom field.

    We'll soon see.

    Thanx in advance.


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    Re: Reference Outlook Custom Form field in Excel Fn (Outlook 97/Excel 97)

    Any takers at all?

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