Hi there - as usual not quite sure whether this is the right forum for this post - maybe it should be in the Whinges area!!!!!!

Here's one for the gurus out there - and everyone else who has ever had an issue and thinks they're going crazy cause their amazing anti-virus/spyware/malware can't find anything and the errors are driving you nuts!!!!!

Had a major motherboard crash approximately 12 months ago - replaced the board - no problem. 2 months later had a hard drive crash - lost 40gb - no problem, we'll just replace it with a new one - right? 2 months after that - finally get everything loaded again (you know what it's like when you have so much invested in the pc) - everything working fine - right?

* Runs chkdsk on all 160gb every time the computer boots - no problem - go make a cup of coffee while you're waiting for it to finish.
* Starts to corrupt some, not all, mp3 files - no problem - delete them and reload them
* Starts to corrupt picture files - no problem - have backups
* Starts to corrupt music files (irrespective of format) - must be a problem with Media Player - no problem - use iTunes
* Start to lose data files - hmmmmmm

Despite running Spybot, AdAware and NOD32.

OK - maybe it's something that's slipped by the nets so far - run HouseCall - nothing. Sent to the computer tech - he can't find anything - starting to pull my hair out. Send to a different computer tech (one who knows a bit more) - he runs all the usual diagnostics that gurus have access to that we plebs don't - hard disk diagnostics, memory diagnostics, etc, etc - can't find anything.

3 days later he rings me - I think your computer has a hard drive error but ..... the only way we can find it is if we kill and totally reformat the drives - OK - yeah fine - just fix it.

3 days later - the hard drive keeps crashing 10 minutes into installing Windows - yeah - new hard drive, new cable - no problem.

$400 AUS later - cheap by any standards really (included a new 250gb hard drive) - no problems, no issues, finally have a pc (after 12 months) that doesn't drive me nuts.

The moral of the whole story is .........

* Don't always assume that virus/spyware etc is at fault
* Always keep regular backups
* Make sure you use a reputable computer tech for any issues you have - costs more but hurts less in the long run