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    Accidentally restoring default settings (Word XP)

    A woman I know suddenly one day lost the macro she had been using for over a year, and at the same time, her font, which she had set to default to Bookman, went back to Times New Roman. It seems to me that she must have accidentally restored the factory settings for Word. Might she have inadvertantly hit some keyboard shortcut? Does anyone know what the keyboard shortcut is for restoring default settings? Can anyone think of any other reason she would have this problem?

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    Re: Accidentally restoring default settings (Word XP)

    It looks like there is a problem with her - this is the file in which Word stores a lot of user customizations. This file can be found in the user templates folder as specified in the File Locations tab of Tools | Options... Its default location is C:Program Files<username>Application DataMicrosoftTemplates. Since Application Data is a hidden folder, you can only see the Templates folder if you display hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer. You might search for occurrences of on her hard disk.
    If she has backups of her hard disk, you could try renaming the current (if there is one) and restoring an earlier version.

    BTW, there are keyboard shortcuts to remove character formatting (Ctrl+spacebar) and to remove paragraph formatting (Ctrl+Q), but as far as I know there is no keyboard shortcut to reset Word to factory defaults.

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