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    Resume From Power Failure Win ME

    Hi guys... I am using an old Windows ME machine as a fax server. I need the machine to boot up after power failure. I remember a setting that allowed this on a machine I've looked at in the past, however I seem to be unable to find the option on this machine. Basically, I need it to work like a fax machine..... if the power goes off, and comes back on, I need the machine to boot up and work. Any ideas short of buying a battery back up?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Resume From Power Failure Win ME

    This is usually a setting in the BIOS. However, that will tell the machine what to do about booting after a power failure. It will NOT cause Windows to start up if the WinME screen requires you to enter a username and/or password. So, you could also check Microsoft's TweakUI which has an autologon option, or some kind of script to do the same.

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