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    Show Users in a Table (Access97)

    How can we determine the usernames of users who are holding open an Access97 table? For example, we have a backend containing tables which may be attached to multiple front ends, and we often need to delete one of these backend tables. Access prohibits deleting the table when a user is in it. So if we can get the username, we can implement our BootTheUser function to get the user out of the database. We know that we can create a RecordsetClone, and attempt to Edit a record, and if a user is in that record, Access will return an error indicating the username. However, this method doesn't tell us when a user has a table open, but is not trying to edit a record. Nor does it give us a list of all users in that record, only the first occurrence of a user that it comes upon. To summarize, how do we get a list of all users using a specific Access97 table?

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    Re: Show Users in a Table (Access97)

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    Nope, those utilities don't help.

    Thanks for the tip, these utilities will give you a list of users in the database, but not a list of who is using which table. I just want to kick out only those users who are in a specific table. This is not about who is locking a record, but is aimed at anyone causing a specific table to be open.

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    Re: Nope, those utilities don't help.

    This is never going to be reliable. The user who was in a different form/table/query a moment ago will probably be in the table you want to delete as soon as you think you're in the clear.

    Deleting tables in a database not only causes bloat, but it means you can't use referential integrity and relationships properly on those tables. Furthermore, making design changes while anyone is in the database is a *very* bad idea. It isn't allowed at all in Access 2000, and I'm glad of it. If you're going to make changes, boot everyone out and then make your changes. However, if you're deleting anything but temporary tables, you need to rethink your design.

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