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    Cons of embedding Excel Charts/Ranges in Word (2003)

    A colleague wants to embedded Excel charts and worksheets into Word documents, before we go off in that direction I would like to know the problems people face when attempting to do this. For instance, I've noticed my file size increase by 50% (is that the average?), what else should we be aware of?

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    Re: Cons of embedding Excel Charts/Ranges in Word (2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Embedding Excel sheets and charts in a Word document works well, but an increase in file size is to be expected - in effect, you are storing spreadsheets within your Word document. The actual increase depends on the complexity of the sheets and charts, so it may vary wildly.

    A slighty different approach is to design the tables and charts in Excel, and to link these in the Word document using Edit | Paste Special > Paste Link. Editing the tables etc. is often easier within Excel itself. If you need to send the document to others, you can break the links using Edit | Links when the document is finalized. Breaking the links will embed the data in the document.

    In any case, linking or embedding Excel items in a Word document increase its complexity. It is advisable to save the document regularly, and to keep backup copies of intermediate stages.

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