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    Snapshot viewer (2003 sp2)

    I use a runtime version of Access 2003 for a user who does not have any version of Access on her machine. When I installed it on my machine for testing and triggered a procedure that creates a snapshot file of a report it opened the report and created the file as expected. I also noticed that when I uninstalled the app and reopened Access it went through a brief install procedure for my full version which leads me to believe runtime disables the full version??

    So my question is whether or not I will need to send a snapshot viewer with my app or if the runtime version allows the file to be viewed. Even if the runtime disables all or part of my full version I can't be sure my test proved the runtime had the viewer.

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    Re: Snapshot viewer (2003 sp2)

    Access itself doesn't have a way to view snapshot files. Whether you have the full version or the runtime version, you can create snapshot files, but in both cases you need the snapshot viewer to view them. So you should either distribute the snapshot viewer with the runtime app, or instruct users how to download and install it.

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