I have been in-putting files into an HP Omnibook xe4100 and the floppy drive has failed. A disk got stuck in it and I may have sprung something while I attempted to get it out. At anyrate, it seems to be holding a grudge against my intrusion into its working system; it now refuses to accept a 3.5 floppy at all. So, I went to ebay and bought the correct external floppy drive with the required cable. The cable plugs into the Parallel port which was previously occupied by the PRINTER. I de-installed the pronter and the A drive as well and booted the machine. It gave me a message about a problem with the floppy drive, totally ignoring the fact that a neww external floppy drive was attached to its parallel port. I really do not want to take the machine apart and rip out the old floppy drive and would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know what I need to do. I am not used to making changes to the BIOS, so please give it to me in byte sized steps, if possible.
Thanks for your help