We all know that we can delay sending an e-mail, but I would like to take that a step further maybe. Here is the scenario.
This morning I wrote an e-mail to a supplier in another time zone. I have delayed sending the e-mail by a few hours. In the text of the e-mail I stated that I would send them a seperate e-mail appointement for a follow up call. I realize that I can include the entire body of the original e-mail in the appointment e-mail but I don't want to do this because it is an ongoing discussion and every e-mail from the start has been cc'd and reply to all so the chain is pretty lengthy. What I would like to do is create the appointment and then much like in a normal e-mail click the delay and send that by approximately the same amount of time. This is just pure laziness on my part <img src=/S/doze.gif border=0 alt=doze width=15 height=15> because I realize that I could set a reminder to create the appointment and then send it, which as I see it is what I have to do now.