Recently I installed a utility called Appload Notify which failed to run properly on W95B. Other apps in my startup cycle such as Livesaver 5.x triggered an invalid page fault in module <unknown>...

I proceeded to uninstall this util and chose to do the "rollback" which is supposed to copy the files it has backed up back into c:windowssystem. However, it did not perform this task, I manually had to copy the files.

The PC continues to exhibit bad signs of illegal ops and Office 97 apps such as word 97 fail. Outlook 2000 fails however, I can get Outlook Express to function if I am patient and click past several error screens.

To do some testing at work I used a clean install and downloaded this app to verify that I was right in linking errors and problems to this Appload Notify program.

I have sent note to Appload but have heard nothing and since this time have encountered this app in lists of "spyware".

If anyone has seen this I'd appreciate some tips on cleaning the mess AND if you have not seen this app, even though I appear to be only one asking about it, beware. It is available on many sites and previous to encountering difficulties had found no negative comments.