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    Stop All Sounds (VBA)

    This is a weird one... hopefully you guys can help...

    We're using Microsoft Chat 2.5 on one of our closed networks to communicate w/ each other around the globe... Some users are unfamiliar w/ Netiquette and all too often use the "Play Sound" function to get peoples attention. This isn't a bad thing generally - but when they feel that nobody is paying attention they decide to play some very long, very annoying MIDI files - in an open channel instead of private boxes - which grates on everyones nerves...

    As I mentioned before - it's a closed network, and controls are very stringent on it - meaning I'm not allowed to create a simple executable program which stops an ocurrence of a sound and upload it to the server (even if I knew how)... So I'm limited to creating a "mini application" (if you will) in Outlook (preferably, since it's generally always open) or another application that will allow me to stop all sounds on the computer w/ the touch of a button.

    I could mute the computer - and usually do right now - but that leaves me having to pay attention to the program, instead of doing other work, until I think the sound is finished...

    Any advice?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Stop All Sounds (VBA)

    Okay - so - I found out the hard way that there is actually a way to stop the sounds in the program - by selecting (believe it or not) "Stop Playing Sound"
    Sorry about that...

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