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    I just recently got the netgear 54mbps wireless router and the netgear usb 2.0 adapter so I could have wireless in the house. When I go into the Netgear software for the USB, I can see the router and the software also shows that I have connection to the router. After looking at the manual it says it should say Connection to internet if all is well. I trouble shoot as to manual and all seems fine. Please help

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    Re: Wireless

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    Eeek, this is almost scary...I had a real problem with this on Friday when my daughters told me they couldn't on the internet. I logged into the router using my laptop (that could access the internet) and I could see the PC was connected to the router and the router was connected to the internet. This told me that the issue lay with my PC.

    I found that for some reason the PC could not renew its IP. I therefore tried to manually create the IP and called it , I then went to the router and manually placed as a device that could connect.....It still connected but no internet.

    Then the secret revealed itself, I remember recently installing MSN for the girls and I remember changing the firewall settings in NAV to allow them to chat, I uninstalled MSN and removed the setting and amazingly I could connect to the internet. Went up to MSN and re-installed, still working <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    In short then, check firewall settings, check IP address and uninstall chat software as this may be having an adverse effect....

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