Ok I'm stumped and I've read so many XML to Excel articles that I can't believe I have not figured it out yet. I have a set of .xls files with various data that I'd like to convert to XML file (so I can use it in another program). All I've found so far is how to get Excel to read an XML file, but not create one. I did a Save-As XML but now what? The samples I see have the data oriented in columns but mine is not, it's in tables of varying row/col like this:

The 1st row is service name and years for the chart x-axis (years), the other rows are one per data series (I use stacked bar charts). This data organization works well for charts but doesn't seem to for XML. Do I have to flip it for XML? I have 100's of these files and can't spend days flipping the data. I was hoping there was some way to tell Excel that a given cell belongs in some data set, not that an entire column belongs in a data set. I have about 15 of these tables on each worksheet and up to 15 of these sheets per workbook.

I've even downloaded and installed 4 XML programs that supposedly take .xls files and create the XML (and schema) for you but those stump me too.

I'm totally blind to what to do here. <img src=/S/bummer.gif border=0 alt=bummer width=15 height=15> <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20> <img src=/S/stupidme.gif border=0 alt=stupidme width=30 height=30>