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    speed up PC & free disk space (service pack 2)

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    I just found out you can do these 3 things to improve PC performance-
    1) using "msconfig" you can "uncheck" boxes in the menu (even if you aren't familiar with the entries) & this'll keep unneeded programs from starting up when you start computer.
    2) in the add/remove programs list you can uninstall "unfamiliar" programs (the desktop "help" icon says not to mess with unfamiliar listings *to be safe* but it doesn't mean there isn't a way).
    3) in the add/remove programs list it *doesn't* list all programs (there are *hidden* programs you can bring up in the list). You can unistall all these "unfamiliar" & "unneeded" programs.

    At the HP website, it has instructions for these 3 things. Here is the link for it:
    HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Preventing Programs from Opening When Windows Starts (Windows 98, ME, XP)

    I just found out a few days ago that you *can* do these things so I thought I'd leave it here for anyone who wants to know.


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    Re: speed up PC & free disk space (service pack 2)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Please note that some of the details mentioned on the web page you refer to are specific to HP/Compaq computers.

    There are useful tips there, but the web page itself cautions
    <hr>NOTE: Do not remove items in the list that you are unsure about. The table at the end of this document contains a list of common software programs to help you decide if an item should be removed or not.<hr>
    for Add/Remove Programs and
    <hr>CAUTION: Only disable items that are known and undesired. Disabling programs that a device needs may cause the device to not function. Some examples would be, loss of sound, loss of higher colors and graphics modes, and system errors when trying to run programs.<hr>
    for MsConfig. So tread with care.

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    Re: speed up PC & free disk space (service pack 2)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge, you "Crazy" you! <img src=/S/anigrin.gif border=0 alt=anigrin width=19 height=19> <img src=/S/flags/Colorado.gif border=0 alt=Colorado width=30 height=18>

    It is known that many software or hardware companies try to "help us" by adding stuff to the daily running of our computers that THEY think will make our lives better. What they don't seem to take into account is that the accumulation of such "stuff" DOES in fact cause our machines to possibly run slower than optimum. Where you and I need to be very careful is when we select items to disable (MSCONFIG) or remove (ADD/REMOVE) that we do so with care and good detective work. That process can be exhaustive and exhausting! Just do some good homework by Googling around the web on an item to see if it really does serve a required purpose or is fluff that can be eliminated. The place where most people get themselves into operational trouble is when they "wily-nily" disable or remove something that IS a true operational requirement.

    Whew! Sounds heavy. Welcome again...

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