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    Compare two excel workbooks (Excel97 and on)

    Here's a CRUDE utility I wrote up last night. It ought to be enough for now, but I'll ultimately crank it up to be much nicer.

    Open the attached workbook (VBA code is unlocked) and run the macro "MatchWorkbooks"
    Browse to two DIFFERENT workbooks (i.e. different names) which are SUPPOSED to have identical contents (e.g. two of your JMP xls).
    The macro stops as soon as it finds any of the following:
    1) Number of worksheets is different
    2) Names of worksheets do not correspond 1-1 (they don't have to be in the same order, just the same set of names; case insensitive)
    3) Values of two cells do not correspond
    4) ColourIndex of two cells do not correspond.

    To see it work, open any workbook, change one cell in either colour or value and save the workbook with a new name.
    Run the macro, browse to the original and the newly-saved versions.
    Compare should identify the changed cell.

    Known problems:
    Fails when one workbook is used as both sources (make sure you don't browse to the same workbook)
    No options for characteristics of comparison (no options to test values only, or formatting, values to within a fuzz-factor, etc)
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