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    Section Breaks and Formatting (2002)

    I have a document which ends with an empty section with undesireable formatting. When I remove the section break before the end of the document, the undesireable formatting takes over the previous section! Is there any way to format a section like the previous one, or convert a "new page" section break into one that doesnt cause a new page, or to save and reapply all the existing section formatting settings?

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    Re: Section Breaks and Formatting (2002)

    Here is a suggestion from Working with section:
    - Make sure that the last section has 'Same as previous' set for both headers and footers.
    - Click in the next to last section.
    - Select File | Page Setup... and click OK. This makes Word "remember" the page setup.
    - Click in the last section.
    - Press F4 to apply the page setup here.
    - Delete the section break.

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