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    Keyword Google Site Searches

    This tip allows you to combine Firefox's keyword search feature with a Google feature to create a specialized Google search pages that allows you to select from a list of sites to perform site specific searches. This example allows you to perform a Google search on any one of 3 add-on sites for Firefox extensions, then by selecting a radio button search one of the other sites. See the picture below for an example.
    1. <LI>Create a bookmark. It does not matter what site you bookmark as it will be modified.
      <LI>Right-click on the bookmark and select Properties
      <LI>Change the values to:
      Name: Whatever you want to call the search
      Location: <code>;</code>
      Keyword: amo
      Note the keyword is the word that you enter to initiate the search, choose whatever you will remember. In this case I chose amo as it is short for Addons.Mozilla.Org
      <LI>Save the bookmark
    To conduct the search enter the keyword followed by the search terms into the location/address bar. For example if you want to search for the extension bcode, enter amo bbcode
    This will then perform a google site search on the site for the term bbcode, along with radio buttons for, and

    This can easily be modified to allow for searches on other sites

    For more info on keyword searches see
    It should be easy enough to modify this for IE by using the steps shown in <post:=325,132>post 325,132</post:>

    This idea originated from the methods shown at (I am known as Pedestrian on that site)
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