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    Office Update Fails - Validation Problem (XP SP3)

    When I tried to run Office Update a few minutes ago, I received the message, "This computer has failed validation. Validation Incomplete: Office Must Be Activated." My copy of Office _has_ been activated. When I try to run the Office Activation Wizard, I get the message, "This product has already been activated," so I can't reactivate to satisfy Office Update. Any solutions to this? I have never had a problem running Office Update on this computer before.


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    Re: Office Update Fails - Validation Problem (XP SP3)

    Try the following:
    - Quit all Office apps.
    - In Windows Explorer, navigate to Cocuments and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftOfficeData.
    - Note: you must display hidden files and folders in order to see Application Data, since it is a hidden folder.
    - Delete the Data.dat file (or move it to another folder); do *not* delete Data.bak in the same folder.
    - Start any Office app to start the Office XP Activation Wizard, it should now work.
    If you still have problems, call Microsoft and explain the situation.

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