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    ADOCE sql query help

    I am using the SprintDB database for pocket pc. I am trying to enter a databse query but without success. Is there any ADOCE sql experts out there who can help?

    I have four tables in a sports league database (tbl clubs is a one to many with tbl players)
    tblClub_Player_Details acts as a junction table and contains tblClub and tblPlayer fields as foreign keys)
    tbl grades links to tbl Players (contains playerid as a foreign key)
    I can't understand why this sql doesn't work. Is it something the ADOCE sql won't allow.

    SELECT tblClubs.[Club Name], tblPlayers.NAME, tblGrades.GRADE2006, tblGrades.GRADE2005
    FROM (tblPlayers INNER JOIN (tblClubs INNER JOIN tblClub_Player_Details ON tblClubs.[Club ID] = tblClub_Player_Details.[Club ID])
    ON tblPlayers.[ECF ID] = tblClub_Player_Details.[ECF ID]) INNER JOIN tblGrades ON tblPlayers.[ECF ID] = tblGrades.[ECF ID]

    Thanks for any help


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    Re: ADOCE sql query help

    I am not an expert with SprintDB ADOCE SQL, but I have got great assistance from the SprintDB support folks when I did need some help. It may be worth an e-mail.

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