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    Printer Not Found (Word 2003)

    Hi all. I don't know if I have stumbled on to a bug or an "undocumented feature" (or if I should have actually read an entire users' manual!) The problem we are sometimes seeing goes something like this:

    When Word is launched, it sometimes takes an especially long time to load. This usually happens at home, but sometimes here at work. On those occasions where I lose my patience and launch Task Manager in an attempt to investigate (or kill the process!) I have received a message along the lines of "The specified printer is not found. Do you want to continue waiting?"

    I don't ever recall seeing that message in XP, and I though that the use of True Type fonts would obviate the need for any printer information to format a document. And while it surprises and irks me, it certainly does explain why the problem occurs most often at home, when I'm using my laptop from work and where the default printer is probably still set to a networked printer back at work.

    Does anyone else have any experience with this or seen something similar?
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    Re: Printer Not Found (Word 2003)

    I think Word documents used to store the last used printer name, but I don't know whether Word 2003 documents do that.

    To see whether the problem is caused by your currently defined default printer, rather than any metadata in the document itself, try setting your system default printer to a local printer (like a PDF printer driver) before launching Word. Does it make any difference?

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