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    View (Outlook 2003)


    I have several email accounts in my inbox. I want to move them around. I want to move the one on the top to the middle, etc. How can I do this?



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    Re: View (Outlook 2003)

    If you are talking about the folders in your inbox, Outlook puts them in alphabetical order and I don't see a way of changing that unless someone as a code to do it. There are a couple of things you can do however:

    1: if you right click on a particular folder in your in box, and choose "Add To Favorite Folders", it will put a copy of that folder in your Favorite Folders and you can put those folders in any order you want by dragging and dropping. Then you could collapse your inbox.

    2: When you open Outlook if you have it set to open in Outlook Today, you can set the messages part up to show the folders or sub folders in the order you want by checking them in the order you want. If I am not mistaking I remember that I had to check the folder, close Outlook and then re-open and check the next one etc. to do this. Any subsequent folders or sub folders will appear at the bottom.You can then collapse your inbox.

    If you are talking about the order in which e-mail accounts send and receive, you can put those in any order you choose by going into your account set up and moving them either up or down in order.

    Hope that helps
    Thanks John
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