Some of you may have been privy to my live Lunar Eclipse broadcast in Scuttlebutt on 3rd March 2007, the thread is now deleted as it was only a temporary broadcast, it went quiite successfully apart from a low light issue but the early part of the broadcast went well (IMHO).

I thought that linking my webcam to my website was going to be very difficult but I found DCAM Server from Source Forge at a very affordable price <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15>. Installation was very easy and found that it even has a Personal Web Service (PWS) if you do not have your own web host. Connection to your hosting service is by the use of the applictions integrated FTP software and all you have to do (like any FTP application) is to put the host name, your user name and password and the location of the directory that you create for the web cam image to be sent to. ( I can advise if you use this)

I then built a very simple web page and linked the image from the FTP folder and put a 60 second refresh in the HTML headerso the page refreshed.

The system has the option of secure FTP but it runs slower and you can stop the server at any time for privacy. The system is great for polled static images....enjoy

BTW I found that during the broadcast I had 93 unique visitors who stayed on and off during the first 3 hours. The moon wasn't doing much so to reduce bandwidth I suggest that you update every 120-180 seconds, a nice gap as you can then see the moon actually "jump" on refresh