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    IE Programme Controls (XP - SR2)

    This may not be the correct place to post but my problem all starts with IE.
    I use M$ Outlook for business applications and M$ Outlook Express for most other e-mails.
    When sending out my monthly newsletter I use Outlook's mail merge.
    If I forget to change IE's Internet Options/Programmes to Outlook, then when the merge happens OE pops up asking me if I really want to send.....! I then have to abort and start over.
    Is there any way I can change this and tell IE to MYOB?
    Thanx, in advance for any suggestions or hints that are offered.

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    Re: IE Programme Controls (XP - SR2)

    'Fraid not. Word looks at the Programs tab of Internet Options to see what your default e-mail program is and uses that, even if you initiated the mail merge from Outlook.

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