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    Deferred Delivery when Offline (Outlook 2002)

    Setting deferred delivery on mail message when offline. When on-line, the message does not appear in the Outbox. All send/receive settings have been checked. New Outlook profile created. PC is Windows XP, SP2 running Office 2002, on corporate LAN. Issue also present in reverse, mail message set with deferred delivery when on-line, message goes to Outbox. When offline, message does not appear in Outbox. Anyone else see this problem? If so, is there a resolution to this?

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    Re: Deferred Delivery when Offline (Outlook 2002)

    Are you running Outlook stand-alone or are you on Exchange Server? There are or were issues with deferred delivery when running Outlook in Cached Exchange mode - see An e-mail message may not be delivered at the scheduled time when you enable the "Do not deliver before" option in an Outlook 2003 message.

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