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    Print to file (Word XP)

    Hi gang,
    I'm just curious about this.
    Could someone tell me what the Print to file option does?
    When does someone use this function?
    Johanne Champagne
    Montreal (Quebec) CANADA

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    Re: Print to file (Word XP)

    When you print, Word issues a stream of instructions to the printer. If you tick the Print to File box, this big blob of data is saved in a file. It isn't very useful for humans to read, but it's possible to send it to the (same) printer later. So you could use this feature for deferred printing, if you like.

    If you print to a printer that uses a PostScript printer driver, you might be able to use Print to File to create a .ps file or .eps file. Some other programs read this formats as input. I haven't experimented to see whether that actually would work.

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    Re: Print to file (Word XP)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Print to File creates a file that can be sent to the printer directly, without requiring that the program in which the file was originally created is open (or even available). It can be used for several purposes
    - You can create a ready-to-print snapshot of a document as it is now, for later printing. Just drag the file to the printer icon.
    - You can give the file to someone else who has the same printer but who doesn't have Word.
    - If you define a text only printer in the Printers and Fax Devices control panel, you can create a plain text version of your document.
    To be honest, it is not used very often any more. PDF and HTML are other formats that almost everybody can view and print, so there is not much need for printing a document to a file.

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