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    gifs and bmps (xp current relese)

    someone sent me a really funny animated gif which is buried way down in some type of script. When I try to save it (rt click on picture) the only type that shows up is bmp - if I save it as a bmp or try to forward it - it loses the animation

    I tried to specify a full name using save as (test.gif) - it appears to save properly, but re accessing the saved version turns it back into a bmp sans animation.

    I am wondering if somewhere down in the bowels of xp there is a setting that says "don't pay attention to this joker and save it as a bmp!"

    Not a big problem - mostly curiosity on my part.

    Any ideas would be appreciated



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    Re: gifs and bmps (xp current relese)

    First see if clearing your Temporary Internet Files folder helps - see Internet Explorer saves images as bitmaps (.bmp Files).

    If that doesn't help, there is a solution involving VBA code in Save Embedded Pictures in Their Original Format | HowTo-Outlook.

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