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    Delivery options - Do Not deliver before (Outlook 2003)

    1. Opened a New Mail message
    2. Enter data in the message
    3. Select Options... button
    4. Check Do not delivery before and enter information | Close | Sent Message
    5. Message goes to Outbox

    Do I have to be logged in to Outlook to have those messages sitting in the Outbox waiting for the correct sent time to arrive?
    I tried something last night, and it seems like the mail does not go out until you log-in?

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    Re: Delivery options - Do Not deliver before (Outl

    I think it depends on your configuration. If you're using Exchange server, I'm pretty sure the message will sit on the server while you're logged off and be sent at the appropriate time. Without an Exchange server, the functionality is within Outlook itself and the message won't be sent until you log in.

    There are some other known "issues" with this feature:
    <UL><LI>When you use the Do not deliver before option in an e-mail message in Outlook 2002 without the Service Pack 3 hotfix package dated June 24, 2004, the e-mail message is never delivered and remains in your Outbox.
    <LI>If you use a rule to defer sending, this will override the "don't deliver before" and the message may be sent prematurely[/list]
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