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    check box help needed (2000)

    We have a form populated with multiple (49) checkboxes and need to query a table based on the checkboxes which are TRUE to find all records which match the TRUE checkboxes on the form.

    We cannot use the AND function as this checks for all the checkboxes to be true, and the OR function finds ANY checkbox that is true.


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    Re: check box help needed (2000)

    You haven't told us what the table looks like, but I have the uneasy feeling that it has 49 yes/no fields in it. More information please.

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    Re: check box help needed (2000)

    It sounds like you're only interested in fields with value = TRUE. If this is the case, then instead of trying to query for TRUE values, just select all records regardless of the values. Then you could base a report on the 49 fields, but in the report design use 49 text boxes, each with an IIF statement evaluating for TRUE. If the field = TRUE then display "TRUE" (or "Yes"), but if the field = FALSE display nothing ("") (quotequote). You can also have a total of the TRUE values (running sum) for each field, if you need this information. This can provide a way to view the data you're interested in (report preview), and of course you could actually print a hardcopy of data if needed. The results would never actually exist in a table, but that isn't always necessary as long as you can simply run the report to view what you need to see, and calculate totals on the report, thus providing additional statistical information.

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