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    Read/Write Permission Via Apllication

    I am posting this question on behalf of a friend. Hope I get the problem right. For some reason he needs to allow a few of his users read and write permission to a certain folder on our network eventhough in regular situation they cannot. I.e. what he is trying to do is, when a user A logs on the application (let's call it Application X), he will be authenticated by Application X. Application X will verify that he is who he says he is blablabla and give him a certain clearance. Application X needs to retrieve and/or write files to a folder let call it forbiddenfruit which has the path ABCXYZforbiddenfruit on the network. Under normal situation (i.e. outside of Application X), user A account is not allowed acess to the folder forbiddenfruit. It is only, when he is logged on to Application A that he should be allowed read/write permission to forbiddenfruit. Is this possible be done in VB.Net? How can this be done? I guess botton line is he wants to assign folder permission based on application and bypass username authentication.

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    Re: Read/Write Permission Via Apllication

    Here's a thought: programs can be run under their own special set of privileges. This is common with backup programs that can grab just about any file. But I don't think it's something you can do internally to your .Net application in code. Instead, Windows would need to already have the user credentials established and an administrator (presumably) would need to log in your application with the additional privileges.

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