I'm new to this forum and to Vista Home Basic. I hope someone can help me with my problem. I'm a novice computer user too.

I just bought a new computer (Acer) that came with the Vista Home Basic edtion. I've only had it up and running for several weeks, so I really haven't added many files. Just a few photographs, e-mail addresses, favorites, etc. I thought I would go ahead and backup my data files. The only backup I currently have is the one that I was prompted to make when I first started using the computer. I think it backed up my entire system. I have a DVD RW drive and I used a DVD RW disk to do the initial backup. It finished up OK.

While trying to do the more recent backup on a DVD RW risk, everything seemed to be going OK. The system formatted the disk 1st. I got the list of "checked boxes" indicating which files I wanted to back up. Everything seemed to proceeding OK, but at a certain point the green "progress bar" never went any further. The computer seemed to be hung up (the lights weren't flashing regularly any longer). After 20 minutes I figured something was wrong. I don't think my system prompted initial backup took that long, and I think that backed up everything!

Well, I finally exited the backup program and retried it several times. Same result. I thought maybe it was the disk, and tried another. Same result. Then I thought I would try it on a CD-R disk instead of a DVD. That didn't work either. At one point I got a message: "The backup did not complete successfully, an error occurred. The following information might help you resolve the error: The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057). Of course I was not able to figure out what this means.

One last note. When I tried to do this backup, I was given 3 options (as I remember). The 1st one had to do with DVD. But when I chose that one, a media player came up that looked like it dealt with photos, music, movies, etc. I then went to the 2nd option, which mentioned data files (but using CD; DVD was not mentioned). That's was the option I chose to try 2 DVD-RW disks and 1 CD-R disk. All were unsuccessful.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks for your help.