I have been using ZA Pro for many years and found it effective and don't plan on giving it up.
In February I dumped my Norton System Works with Anti Virus when ZASS 7 became available. I am now also running Office Pro 2007 with BCM on both computers.
On my PC, WinXPH (Sp2) I have the full functionality of ZA, including the MailFrontier spam filter. It seems to do its job although all of my e-mail accounts go through ChoiceMail before I see them. On my laptop (WinXPP (Sp2), I have the the MailFronties folders in my e-mail tree, but no tool bar. I even tried re adding the add in, to no avail. I looked in their forum for answers, but didn't notice anything either.
Has anyone else had this problem.
I also had a problem with the Anti-Spyware update on my PC. Simply put it wouldn't update yet on the laptop it did.
I was reluctant to re-install the entire program but ended up doing so and that all seems well. Again I went to their forum and notice some articles but nothing that really helped.
Yesterday I was updating my old laptop (ZASS 6) and noticed that neither the Anti Virus or Anti Spyware would update yet on the other two computers that have ZASS 6 I am not having these problems. I suppose I will uninstall and re-install it there as well.
I am open to suggestions on these problems.