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    need assistance.. (Excel 2000)

    i have two worksheet
    worksheet 1 ---> column A with Company ID and collumn B Company Name
    worksheet 2 ---> column Awith Company ID and collumn B Company phone number

    *worksheet 2 list all the company ID and name (10200 rows) and the worksheet 1 (487 rows) listed potential subset from worksheet 2
    customer ID in W1 definitely inside custmer ID in W2

    it sound like if company ID in sheet 1 equal to company ID in sheet 2, the display in collumn C in sheet 1 will be Company phone number from sheet 2

    how to list down worksheet 1 with displaying company phone number which is retrieve from worksheet 2???

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    Re: need assistance.. (Excel 2000)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Let's say the data begin in row 2 (row 1 contains column headers).
    Enter the following formula in cell C2 on worksheet 1:


    Substitute the real name of worksheet 2, adjust the range if necessary, and fill down as far as needed.

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