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    Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB USB Hard Drive

    Fry's Electronics had this on sale over the weekend for $160, which is a good price for an external 500GB hard drive (Product ID: ST305004FDA1E1-RK); it's currently $180 at

    The unit is slim and includes with a five year warranty. The unit uses an AC adapter, but like a bus-powered drive it starts up when you connect it to your PC. The drive is quiet, noticeably quieter than Seagate's "one button backup" series of drives. And it is preformatted using NTFS, for greater space efficiency than the usual FAT32. (Mac users need to reformat.)

    So what's the catch? Unlike most other external drives, it has no bundled backup software, no power button for "one touch" backups, and no FireWire ports. It is designed to stand only on its base and does not appear stackable. Those considerations, plus the omission of a fan, probably contributed to the lower-than-usual price. (And the dark brown case might not harmonize with everyone's decor.)

    Because this is a new product line for Seagate, reliability is a question mark. Obviously I'm hopeful that it will have a good long life. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    Seagate plans a Pro version of the drive which will include eSATA and/or FireWire ports, along with a version of the memeo Autobackup application that will synchronize local and online storage space. Presumably these features will add considerably to the cost... See: Press release on Freeagent Family of Data Movers.

    All of these developments are likely to further drive down the cost of external storage. And not a moment too soon.

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    Re: Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB USB Hard Drive

    This site: shows great prices for those who can wait for a shipment to arrive.


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