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    Template Toolbars (PowerPoint 2003)

    I have created a PowerPoint template and want to attach a custom toolbar to it so that the toolbar is only visible when using the template (in much the same way as can be done in Word). Is this possible? Alternatively, I need to find a way to issue this toolbar to a large group of users without having to manually change the toolbar on each machine. Is there a file I can copy? If so, what is it called and where is it saved? Any help would save me loads of time and would be gratefully received.


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    Re: Template Toolbars (PowerPoint 2003)

    Unfortunately, PowerPoint is much less flexible than Word or Excel in this respect. Toolbars cannot be stored in a template.

    To make a custom toolbar available to all users, you'll need to create a PowerPoint add-in (.ppa). See the links in the "Creating and Installing Add-ins, Toolbars, Buttons" section of The PowerPoint FAQ.

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