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    convert numeric values to dates (2003)

    A client has entered dates as numeric values (121306). When changing the column format to date, he gets 2/14/2232. Is there a simple way to convert numbers like this into date values?

    The way I figured out was to create 4 columns, and calculate out the year, month, day values using TRUNC and some basic math. Then use the DATE() function to generate the correct date value. Unfortunately the client doesn't want to do it this way. He is positive that he used to be able to do this in a very easy way. Any thoughts?


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    Re: convert numeric values to dates (2003)

    One option involving formulas is explained in <post:=447,624>post 447,624</post:>.

    A method that actually converts dates without separators to real dates can be found in Date And Time Entry.
    The thread starting at <post:=609,013>post 609,013</post:> expands on this to allow date entry both with and without separators.

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