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    printing problems

    We use win98, outlook 98, word 97 and ie 5.5. One of our users can't get her page orientation to stay defaulted to portrait in ie if she has recently printed a landscape page in word 97. Any ideas?

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    Re: printing problems

    Possibilities. To change to landscape she may be using printer properties. If so they will stay changed. If she uses page setup that only affects the particular document.

    Or - her setting in the template she is using may be being altered. She should start by opening a new blank document, go to page setup make sure it is set how she wants it and then click the default button then close Word. There is no need to save the document. There may be a message about saving If so click OK.

    That should fix it for new documents based on

    New documents based on other templates will carry whatever the setting in the particular template is. The procedure is the same except you create a new document based on the particular template to fix that template.
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