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    Outlook as a data source? (Office 2003)

    I have a client that is driving me nuts. He insists that he wants to use his Outlook contacts list as a data source for his word letter templates. He wants to open a Word document and hit a drop down box which will autofill in the appropriate info to the template (customer info like address fax number etc) so he won't have to type all of the info in or go through a Word Mail Merge wizard which is a lengthy process. I suggested an online app (ASP.NET) but he wants this stuff to happen just within his Office files (just Outlook and Word) Is this possible within office?

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    Re: Outlook as a data source? (Office 2003)

    Outlook is not the same as Outlook Express. And please do not cross-post the same question in multiple forums.

    This thread is locked, all replies in the thread starting at <post:=638,459>post 638,459</post:>, please.

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