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    tabbed sub-forms (2007)

    I have a master form with tabbed sub-forms on it. Two of these sub-forms have unbound combo boxes to pull up the right record responding to the name entered. One of the sub-forms is for entry of demographic info for parents in a family (with its own sub-form for the details of each student in that family:
    SELECT [StudentTable].[Active], [ParentTable].[ParentID], [ParentTable].[LastName], [ParentTable].[FatherFN], [ParentTable].[MotherFN], [ParentTable].[AltLastName] FROM ParentTable INNER JOIN StudentTable ON [ParentTable].[ParentID]=[StudentTable].[ParentID] ORDER BY [ParentTable].[LastName];
    The other tabbed sub-form is for order entry for each of these students, also with the right record pulled up by unbound combo box:
    SELECT [StudentTable].[StudentID], [StudentTable].[Active], [StudentTable].[StudentLN], [StudentTable].[StudentFN] FROM StudentTable WHERE ((([StudentTable].[Active])=True)) ORDER BY [StudentTable].[StudentLN];
    Can I have an unbound combo box in the header of the master form that will pull up the right record for the parent/student (first one in each family listed as

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    Re: tabbed sub-forms (2007)

    As far as I can tell, the subform doesn't need to "know" anything about the combo box on the main form. You'd run code in the After Update event of the combo box to search for the appropriate records, and in this event, the value of the combo box is available of course.
    We'd need to see the database if you want detailed help.

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