We're behind the times, I know. But this week we only just introduced Outlook 2003 to our users. Previously we used Outlook 2000. This is a Tasks question.

We're a law firm and with each new client our assistants first create a master category for them. Their Task lists are sorted by category. The next step was to create a single opening task for that new client. The last step was to right click and drag a range/group of tasks from a general category down the list to the new client category, release and choose Copy, which would then put a copy of that range/group of tasks under the new client category. I hope I haven't lost you yet in this description. I image it would hard to picture if you've done tasks this way.

Anyway, that worked well for them. Now with Outlook 2003, sorting their tasks by category, when they try to right click and drag a range/group of tasks from the general category down to the new client category and release, only the first tasks is copied and back up under the general category that task shows up twice. I even tried doing it with the old folder list view but still get the same problem.

Is there a setting I can change that would bring back the old behaviour? Does someone know a way to make this work?