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    Illegal Operations

    I tried to install AOL on my computer via disks, however it got halfway through and asked for a win98 disk, i didn't have one with me so cancelled it. Now everytime i try to double click on any icon on my desktop it brings up an illegal operation saying that there is a problem with Explorer.exe and a dll that is a webfolder problem. HELP i cannot open anything now.

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    Re: Illegal Operations

    Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove Programs, and see if AOL is on the list of program entities you may remove.

    If this fails, you might consider finding your Win98 disk, and manually replacing explorer.exe and the effected file. (You will have to do this from DOS, as Win98 will not allow an overwrite of explorer.exe while running.. most likely..)

    I hope this helps, good luck!
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