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    The missing font (PP 2002)

    I downloaded some PP Templates from the Internet. After I completed a
    presentation with about 45 slides, I find that each and every time I saved
    it, it said that it cannot save font MS PGothic, a font I do not use in my
    presentation. It indicates that it cannot find the font in my computer.
    Since it must be a font used in one of the master or templates that I am
    using now, how do I locate the font in the presentation?
    It seems such font is not easy to install, and I have no interest in doing
    so. I do have the option set to embed the fonts in use.
    How do I eliminate the message?

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    Re: The missing font (PP 2002)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Select View | Master | Slide Master...
    You can either click each element in turn to see if it has been set to the problem font, or select everything (Ctrl+A) and set a font.
    Don't forget to use the scroll bar to see other masters, if present.
    You can do the same for the Hand Out Master and Notes Master.

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    Re: The missing font (PP 2002)


    You may also have to look in other areas of the presentation other than both slide masters...

    Troubleshoot font problems

    TAJ Simmons
    microsoft powerpoint mvp

    awesome - powerpoint backgrounds

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