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    Question about Word forms (Word 2003)

    I don't create forms that much - these questions should probably have easy solutions but I'm coming up blank at the moment.

    My form has 3 sections - I want to protect 2 of them so that they are fill-inable, but leave the third unprotected so users can edit the text in it. How do I protect certain sections and not protect others?

    Also - I have a couple fields that perform a calculation on values entered in other fields. When the form is protected, I can't seem to get that calculation field to automatically update when values are entered in the fields it's pulling from. I thought that when I printed or saved the document that it would update those fields, but it doesn't. I'm assuming that I need a macro or something to make this happen automatically. Can anyone help me out there?

    Thanks. Sat.

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    Re: Question about Word forms (Word 2003)

    See <post:=609,608>post 609,608</post:> for a description and a screenshot of how to protect specific sections in a document.

    While the document is still unprotected, double click each of the form text boxes that contribute to the result of the calculations and tick the check box "Calculate on Exit", then click OK. When the user enters or changes the value of the form text box and presses Tab, calculated fields depending on it will be updated.

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