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    WIFI network (MS Vista )

    I am trying to set up my home network my desk top is running XP Pro the router is a Belkin wireless.
    My laptop is running the new MS Vista.
    When I try to connect the laptop I get "Windows cannot access JIMMY-PCusers.
    When I click Diagnose "Windows confirmed that "JIMMY-PC is currently online, but not responding to connection attempts at this time.
    "This usually means that a firewall is running somewhere between the two computers is blocking "file and printer sharing "(SMB)"
    Then suggesting making "policy adjustments
    My router has a firewall PX Firewall is Zone Alarm


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    Re: WIFI network (MS Vista )

    1. The firewall on Windows Vista is blocking the connection. Open the Firewall with Advanced Security admin tool and see how the firewall is currently set up.

    2. There are no resources shared and you are in ForceGuest mode. See File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista for more information.

    3. You have shared a resource that only administrators have access to. When you connect to a Windows Vista system remotely as an administrator, you get a filtered token, so you are not actually able to access things that only admins have access to.

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